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How Artificial Intelligence is the future of software

Madhav Poudel - July 8, 2019 - 0 comments

What sets us apart from our predecessor is inventions of infrastructures that evolved from generating electricity to developing a mobile application that keeps track of personal health. Harnessing the human brain into a useful form is going to make our successor different from who we are. The key driving factor to this foreseeable future is Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI. So, what is AI? AI is a computer science area which emphasis on the creation of intelligent machines that resemble nearly to a human being. Simply, It is a computer which behaves like human being designed to help a human being from mundane work to strategic planning. If we look back at the past, AI was limited to robotics and sets of algorithms. Now, we are exposed to AI every day in our life directly or indirectly. For instance, If you browse  Facebook then, you have been interacting with AI and it has helped you in many different ways; the Facebook feed is actually using AI to predict what kind of content you want to see based on your interest. The concern here is that if we have been using AI in our day to day life, Is it the future of software?


Let’s look at what’s happening in the world with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.


Robot deliver Domino’s pizza in Germany and the Netherlands

The London based company, Starship Technology has created self-driving delivery vehicles and battery-powered autonomous robots to carry the pizza and deliver to the customer’s home. The self-driving vehicle goes to the nearer roadway of the customer, then the robot takes the package and delivers to the doorstep. The customer needs to scan the security code from their mobile app to unlock the package vault to receive it. The company is expecting to expand the application of robotic delivery service in different areas.

Google assistance making and answering calls

Google is empowering its Google Assistance service for users to answer and make the call. If you have tasks like asking for delivery or other mundane calls then, It can make your call without any effort. Similarly, it answers your call by saying your status of unavailability and even play the recorded voice. Moreover, you can see the transcript of caller speaking on the phone which can be helpful in case you are in a situation to remain silent.

Data-Driven Businesses

Proper management, Teamwork and Strategic planning used to be the key indicator in the past that set differences between companies in competition. These aspects contribute little to business to stay sturdy in business. The competition can be seen in the utilization of data to transform into a business plan and strategy. Top companies in the world are making their position due to their ability to collect, transform and utilize the data. Many companies today are striving to become data-driven. For instance, Netflix, the most popular movie and TV streaming service collects data from the user about their viewing habits and use it to create original TV series and movies. House of Cards & Orange is the new black are two examples of such series. This is also the reason why people are showing predilection towards Netflix shows.


These are only a few examples of the evolution of AI in the contemporary world. The possibility are endless and astonishing news of its application are being heard daily in different parts of the world. The momentum on the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence technology is due to the fact that more and more data-driven organizations are emerging. The related fields like Data Science, Internet of things, Big Data and Machine Learning are contributing AI to thrive.

Data Science

Data Science is a hot topic nowadays in startups and businesses. Data exists everywhere and making use of it to increase impact in the world is Data Science. It is a process of collecting, analyzing and extracting knowledge from raw data that are valuable. Data Scientist is an individual who practices Data Science and has been the hottest job in the world. The Job title is so valuable and demanding that it has been categorized further into sub-job titles. It has been important to focus on a particular sub-area of Data Science. More and more companies are looking for a data scientist to fulfill the demand of the market and to compete with other businesses.

Internet of things

Things in our surroundings are gradually transforming into devices that can be controlled and monitored. The Refrigerator in our home, or Robots in the farm, or Animal in the National Park, they can be controlled from our mobile devices with a simple click. IoT is encouraging businesses to rethink the way they approach businesses, markets, and Industries by giving them tools to enhance their business strategies. By 2025, It has been estimated to have more than 21 billions of IoT devices. These devices are helping AI in the expansion of its possibilities.

Big Data

Big Data refers to the large data sets too large that traditional data processing and management applications fail to handle it. We are in an era where a single user using simple apps creates Gega Bytes of data every day. With the advent of electronics devices, internet and computing power it has been easy to collect big data but to process has been a burden. so, the area of Big Data deals with voluminous data and how to optimize it to analyze to extract useful knowledge. Since, for AI to work, we need a large set of data and the rate of Big Data is increasing day by day, it is supporting AI to flourish.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which centers on the development of a computer program which learns from data without any human intervention. It is apparent that human will fail to learn from a large set of data at a fast pace. As a result, Machine needs to be developed which does the learning and analysis based on what knowledge it acquire. Machine Learning can provide competitive advantages to companies by displacing the mundane manual work with machines and delegating human on critical and important work.

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