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Virtual Dressing Room

Virtual Dressing Room is a 2D implementation of e-commerce shopping experience where the user can try out the clothing product in front of the camera before they make a purchase. It uses Python OpenCV library for computer vision programming.

The main objective of this project is to build a virtual system where e-commerce users or customers could try out clothing items before they make their purchases without trying on the clothes for real. In this way, the user can try out clothes quickly and easily which can improve their decision process and saves their meaningful time as well.


Project Report

Source Code


This project is only limited to 2D implementation and it is not fully integrated with an e-commerce website. At that time of development, Kinect was the only library where we could use a depth sensor to built it in 3D which was under our budget. We might continue to work on this project when the timing is right with tools and algorithms.

  • Date

    January 20, 2016

  • Skills

    Python, OpenCV Library, PyGame Library

  • Client

    University Minor Project

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